Available in the following neighbourhoods and their surrounding areas:

  • Hayle

  • Connor Downs

  • Carbis Bay

  • St Ives

  • Camborne

  • Redruth

Email: canineskills@gmail.com

Tel: 07773 333289

Tel: 07890 608651

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    Having seen the number of dogs entering into the rescue environment increase in recent years, we hope to provide help early enough to prevent some dogs from having to be relinquished. We do this by offering dog behaviour and training services at affordable rates with experienced and qualified trainers using positive, kind modern and effective reward based training and behaviour modification plans for dogs of any age, shape or size.
    As owners of problematic dogs, we can also empathise with and support owners and encourage them to better understand their dogs so that they can work and live harmoniously.
    Whether a puppy or a rescue/re-home dog, it takes time to learn about each other's needs and adjust to routines which we also address through our services on offer.