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Behaviour Breakthrough Session

A 60 - 90 minute 121 session for behavioural advice and support with a bespoke modification plan

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 55 British pounds
  • Training Field

Service Description

Is your dog struggling with; 🐶 Separation Related Issues? 🐶 Phobias? 🐶 Resource Guarding of people, spaces, food, toys? 🐶 Sensitivity and reactions around dogs? 🐶 Sensitivity and reactions around people? 🐶 Strong Predatory Motor Pattern? 🐶 Being in a multi dog / pet household? The changing of behaviours is more than just training exercises – it’s about; 🐶 Understanding why your dog is behaving in a certain way 🐶 Assessing their overall personality 🐶 Looking at the environment and making changes to help 🐶 Considering welfare and safety 🐶 Addressing the emotions behind the behaviours 🐶 Changing and creating new neurological pathways 🐶 Allowing conversations between owners and their dogs 🐶 Providing them with appropriate and suitable outlets 🐶 Teaching them alternative responses and coping mechanisms An initial 60 to 90 minute 121 will allow assessment of your dog and their personality to enable a tailored initial behaviour modification plan to be devised to help make some improvements, with everyone’s welfare being paramount. A copy of the modification plan and relevant initial exercises will be emailed shortly following the session. The implementation of the plan remains with the owners, although support (WhatsApp and email) is available for up to 3 months from an initial session. Progress is dependent on the individual dog’s learning abilities and capacity, environment, time spent practising the unwanted behaviour/s, commitment and consistency. We do not use “Quick fix” solutions using aversive and outdated training methods or equipment which often add fear and pain. Instead we look at changing the neurological pathways and emotions behind the behaviours so more positive responses are achieved. The sessions are held at our training field in Connor Downs but can also be held at your home if this most benefits your dog however there will be additional travel time and expenses; within 0 - 5 miles of Connor Downs ~ £5 and within 5 - 10 miles of Connor Downs ~ £10. 🐾 Rescue dogs receive a discounted rate of £50 for the session and 50% off travel time & expenses 🐾 Further insight prior to the session enables us to most benefit you so we ask for our Behaviour and Training Questionnaire Form be completed.

Cancellation Policy

Please ensure our Terms and Conditions including our cancellation policy has been read and fully understood.

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